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Who are we?

BST Detectable Products was founded in 1985 by former British Bakeries engineer, Brian S Teasdale. The company initially focussed on providing engineering supplies to UK bakeries, before inventing the concept of metal detectable products and the world’s first detectable pen.

Today we supply a wide range of food grade detectable products to all corners of the globe and we’re still expanding. As of July 2017 we employ 24 people, produce around 1.8 million detectable pens per year, stock approximately 400 different detectable products and have a net turnover around £2.2 million GBP.

We’re based directly next to an international airport in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom – which is a perfect location for the distribution of our products and convenient for travelling to and receiving visits from our international partners. 70% of our product range is produced within Great Britain and around 55% of our sales revenue is generated by exports to overseas distribution partners.

What do we do?

We specialise in metal detectable, x-ray visible, shatter resistant and antibacterial food safe products, that are utilised across all food sectors including bakery, confectionery, meat, fish, fruit, vegetable and pre-prepared meals.

Many of our best selling products are of our own design and are produced locally using our own injection moulds / tools. Other detectable products we distribute on behalf of other companies that are specialists in specific areas, such as PPE, safety knives and food grade lubrication. We keep compound and sheet detectable materials in stock, ready to be sent to any of our manufacturing partners for stock production or bespoke projects.

On a daily basis we are manufacturing detectable products, developing new products with our partners, building new business relationships and also trying to educate the world about the benefits of using detectable products and materials within food production environments. We have seven members of staff dedicated to Detectapen® assembly, which is a major part of our operations at our premises in Doncaster.

Why do business with BST?

Our core strength is our unrivalled commitment to high product quality and great customer service. Unlike some companies we work very closely with our international partners to introduce our products to new marketplaces. Many of our overseas distributors have worked with us over decades and some have become very close partners and friends.

Many of our distributors go on to enjoy exclusive rights to the sales of our products in their marketplace after a successful trial period. We attend exhibitions with our distributors, provide marketing and educational resources and we’re always available to help in any way we can.

What makes us different?

Most importantly, we care. As the original developers of detectable products and materials, we do not like to see low quality or dangerous products on the market place. As such we undertake huge research and testing with every new product development to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

We work closely with leading metal detector and x-ray system manufacturers to test our products performance, document the results, advise our clients and also find ways to improve our materials. As a small and family owned company, we pride ourselves on integrity, sustainability and excellence in everything we endeavour to achieve.

What are we trying to achieve in the Gulf States?

We’re looking for partners based in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to stock, supply and support our range of detectable products. Our partners should be able to support and grow our product sales to existing clients, which include Almarai (KSA), Atyab Bakeries (Oman) and International Royal Bakery (UAE).

More and more food producers are deciding to use detectable products and materials, and more and more standards bodies such as the BRC and IFS, as well as leading food retailers are placing pressure on food producers to use our products to reduce foreign body contamination risks. As global demand for our detectable products grows we want to ensure we have the right partners in place to help us offer a localised, supportive and high quality supply of our products.

Our most popular own brand products shown below are all made using BST XDETECT®. This material is shatter & impact resistant, brightly coloured, food contact approved to American, European and Japanese standards, metal detectable and highly x-ray visible. BST have perfected our XDETECT® material over decades of continuous research and development, we believe it is the world’s safest plastic for use in food production environments.

Key products from BST

Our most popular own brand products shown below are all made using BST XDETECT®. This material is shatter & impact resistant, brightly coloured, food contact approved to American, European and Japanese standards, metal detectable and highly x-ray visible. BST have perfected our XDETECT® material over decades of continuous research and development, we believe it is the world’s safest plastic for use in food production environments.

BST J800 Detectapen®

The BST J800 Detectapen® is our flagship detectable pen and benefits from XDETECT® material with additional antimicrobial technology which is effective against pathogenic germs and moulds such as E.coli, MRSA and Salmonella. Our stainless steel ink cartridge is tested to write for 9’400m (268 A4 pages), the pen is hygienically and ergonomically designed with a spring-free retractable mechanism. Available in 8 bright detectable housing colours and four ink colours.


BST J800 DetectapenBST Detectamark™

The BST Detectamark® is available with permanent, dry wipe, highlighter and meat marking inks and with a variety of nib styles which include bullet nibs, chiselled nibs (for highlighting) and fine tip nibs. The XDETECT® casing and caps minimises the risk of plastic parts falling into and contaminating food during the production process. Sureflow™ technology means that our permanent and dry wipe markers will write for several days with the cap off before the ink dries out.


BST Detectaboard®

The BST Detectaboard® is metal detectable, x-ray visible and virtually unbreakable. Designed specifically for food production environments the board features a reinforcing rim around the perimeter and the market leading impact and shatter resistance of XDETECT® means that it just doesn’t break! The Detectaboard® comes as standard with a heavy duty 316 grade stainless steel clip to keep paperwork safe and secure


BST Detectabox®

The BST Detectabox® was designed to prevent broken box fragments contaminating food during the production process and has proved to be hugely popular. Our standard 600 x 400 x 220mm size stacks up to 10 high and also fits onto standard EURO caster trolleys. As well as our stocked size we can also manufacture in a wide variety of standard sizes in all 8 XDETECT® colours. We have recently improved the Detectabox® further by making it even more impact resistant! The combination of metal detectable, x-ray visible, food contact approved and impact resistant properties will be sure to impress any food safety auditor.


BST Detectacalc®

Available in pocket and desktop versions our detectable calculators feature detectable casing and buttons, as well as solar power and hygienic design features. The pocket version features a stainless steel lanyard to keep the calculator handy around your neck or attached to a clipboard / workstation. The desktop version features a big display and large buttons for ease of use in a production environment – as well as a 50 step check and correct function for double checking those ingredient mixing calculations!


BST Security Tags

Our XDETECT® single use security tags are available in blue, red and green and feature a unique sequential number laser engraved onto each tag for traceability purposes. The tags are easy to use with a simple ‘pull tight’ mechanism and feature a slot to neatly fold away any excess length. Our security tags are ideal for securing lids onto a BST Detectabox, sealing ingredients bags for storage, tamper proofing machinery or simply marking and identifying assets.As well as our core product range BST also stock a wide range of other detectable products covering key areas such as traceability, PPE, first aid and engineering. Many of these product ranges are a result of strategic partnerships and friendships with other specialist UK manufacturers who combine their unique knowledge and skills with detectable technology.


Labels, Tags & Tapes

Paper loop tags, stickers, labels, self-adhesive tapes and XDETECT® tie tags are all kept in stock in a wide variety of colours. Paper laminate tags and tapes feature a foil core and can trigger metal detectors even in tiny sizes as small as 5mm. Our in house printing capability means that loop tags, tapes and stickers can be supplied pre-printed to your customers’ requirements and even feature their own logo.


Food Handling & Cleaning

We stock a combination of BST designed and owned products as well as those offered by other producers. Our range includes detectable brushes, shovels, scoops, scrapers, stirrers, buckets, jugs and much more. As well as our stocked range of products we can also develop bespoke solutions to meet customer needs such as tailored brushes with detectable bristles to suit specific types of machinery.


PPE & Headwear

Whether accidental or deliberate, PPE items do sometimes find their way into food and detectable PPE is one solution to the problem. Our range of detectable items include gloves, mob caps, hair nets, beard nets, overshoes, oversleeves and earplugs. Our newly expanded ‘ultra-detectable’ PPE features highly secure detectable foil strips which give very high metal detector readings.


Safety Knives

BST stock over 20 models of detectable safety knives with some available in up to four colours for use in different areas of a factory. The best safety knife choice is based on the safety approach of the company and the materials they need to cut – we’re experts in guiding customers to the best knife to suit their needs.


Catering Knives

All our detectable catering knives feature XDETECT® handles and stainless steel blades. They are dishwasher safe and made in Sheffield, England – a city with a rich heritage of knife making going back hundreds of years. All of our catering knives are made to order with any of the 8 XDETECT® handle colours. Blade styles include vegetable, boning, filleting, slicing and paring, with a choice of standard, scalloped or serrated finish to the blade.


Engineering Solutions

Our heritage in bakery and food process engineering means that we offer a wide range of detectable engineering products including seals, gaskets, suction cups, extrusions and bespoke plastic parts such as in feed flight, blades and retaining clips.We are a specialist supplier of bread vacuum depanner belting with metal detectable suction cups and retaining clips. This type of belt is widely used in bakeries as a fast and efficient way of removing bread from baking tins and our detectable suction cups have been making this process safer for over three decades