Product Videos

BST Trace-It Pen

A brief video demonstrating the features and benefits of the BST Trace-It Pen.

BST Stackable Jug Video

A brief video demonstrating the features and benefits of the BST Stackable Jug.

BST DetectaPen Shatter Resistant Testing

A brief video demonstrating the shatter resistant J800 DetectaPen.

BST J800 Detectapens are industry renowned as the highest quality choice of stationery for use in hygiene critical food processing environments. Every feature of the pen is designed with the food industry in mind, resulting in a truly unique set of properties designed to minimise contamination risks and improve food safety.

• Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible
• Silver Ion Antibacterial Protection
• Shatter Resistant
• Bright Colours for Visual Detection
• FDA & EU Contact Approved
• EU Migration Tested

Putting BST Detectable products to the test

Using metal and x-ray detectors we put our XDetect material and a fragment of detectable tape and loop tag material to the test. Check out the results!

BST DetectaPen Cap X-Ray Detection Demo

A brief demonstration video showing how detectable our XDETECT® compound is.

The BST Detectapen® is made using our flagship XDETECT® metal detectable and x-ray visible food grade polypropylene plastic. This plastic is specifically designed to prevent foreign body contamination in food processing environments, as well as using antimicrobial technology to actively prevent against Ecoli, MRSA and Salmonella.




Smarcut Metal Detectable Safety Knife

The Smartcut is a fully metal detectable disposable safety knife. The Smartcut features a fully sealed handle with no removable parts, the spring retracting blade is completely enclosed when not in use. The spring retracting, food safe, stainless steel blade is designed to retract with any uncontrolled move, where the blade slider is not pressed forward. So long as the operator lets go of the slider whilst making the cut, the blade will automatically retract when no pressure is applied to the blade.