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    What is a detectable product?

    A detectable product is any item that is modified to enable identification by industrial metal detection and x-ray inspection systems. Examples include detectable pens, hair nets and plasters.

    Why are detectable products used?

    Detectable products are used in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic production environments because physical (foreign body) contamination risks need to be minimal for the safety of the consumer. By making high-risk items detectable, the risk is substantially reduced as any potential contamination will likely be detected by the metal/x-ray inspection systems typically used in such environments.

    How is a plastic / rubber made detectable?

    Materials are made detectable by evenly dispersing metallic additives throughout. X-ray visibility is achieved through the use of high-density additives. Where it is not possible to make the entire product/material detectable, foil strips or metal clasps can be incorporated to make a product such as PPE items partially detectable.

    Do you make your own detectable products?

    Absolutely! We manufacture our own detectable pens, scrapers, jugs, etc but we also distribute specialist detectable items made by other manufacturers through strategic partnerships. We aim to offer a one-stop-shop for all your detectable product needs.

    How detectable are your products?

    Our plastics and rubbers are very detectable and contain enough metallic content to make them jump to a magnet. However, their detectability is very much dependant on the sensitivity of your metal detector or x-ray inspection system. Different aperture sizes, line speeds, food types and packaging types all have an impact on the sensitivity of your inspection system. The more sensitive your system, the smaller the piece of detectable product you will be able to identify. Testing in your own environment is highly recommended.

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    Are your products x-ray visible as well as metal detectable?

    Most of the time yes, but not assume – check. Our xdetect® material contains additional high-density additives to optimise the x-ray visibility of our products. The same is not true for products made by other manufacturers, so be sure to properly test items in your x-ray inspection system. Metallic content alone within a plastic does not necessarily make it sufficiently x-ray visible.

    Can I open an account?

    Absolutely! Please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you an application form. We will carry out a credit check on your company before confirming your account status and credit limit. Once your account is approved we can also set up an account on our website for you to order quickly and easily with a purchase order check out. Please note that credit accounts are issued at our discretion and we do reserve the right to decline credit to any company.

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    Can you make bespoke products for my factory?

    Absolutely! Our company has a strong engineering heritage and we have great relations with material compounders, machiners, moulders, extruders and assemblers across the UK. We stock granule and sheet food grade detectable materials at our Doncaster HQ ready to despatch to the appropriate processor at short notice. Our experienced team members are available to visit your site to consult and measure for bespoke items.

    Do you work with distributors and resellers?

    Absolutely! Around 60% of our turnover is through overseas exports to key distribution partners. We also work with selected UK based resellers and stockists. If you wish to work with BST or stock our items please send an email to [email protected]

    What colours can you offer in detectable?

    Our xdetect® material is now available in nine bright colours (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Pink, and Purple). This versatile material is used to mould many of our BST detectable plastic products. Some products we sell are made by other manufacturers who may not have such an extensive range of colours. Please ask a member of our team about any specific products.

    Do you offer free carriage?

    Absolutely! All orders over £400 net value qualify for free UK delivery.

    Can I get a discount?

    Large food groups and resellers/stockists may qualify for discounted pricing. Please speak to a member of our team for more details.