Introducing the BST Detectable Break Out Bolt


These metal detectable & x-ray visible break out bolts are designed specifically for use in the food industry, where minimising the risk of foreign body contamination is of the highest priority. They are universal so they will fit any current panic bolt in place, they simply replace any ceramic or glass tube with no need to upgrade your panic bolts. They are ideal for any place where smashed glass/ceramic could cause an issue, for example, food processing areas, hospitals, care homes, gyms, spas, swimming baths etc.

Break Out Bolt Advantages


  • Detectable by in-line metal detection systems & x-ray inspection systems
  • Strong, durable & shatter resistant
  • Universal fitting with no hammer needed
  • Compatible with both Ashworth and Redlam door panic bolts
  • Highly visible blue casing for easy visual identification
  • EU compliant and tested to ASTM standards
  • Can be used as part of HACCP and BRC procedures
  • Displays due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination

View the NEW BST Break Out Bolt and download specs here!