BST Touchscreen Stylus Pen

This detectable and antimicrobial stylus is available with or clip or lanyard loop, and is available in BST Detectable Blue and Red. Suitable for most handheld force touch screen devices.

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Product Features

The BST Touchscreen / PDA Stylus Pen® is moulded from xdetect®, which is an advanced polypropylene based compound, optimised for metal and x-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This compound also incorporates silver ion antibacterial technology, which is effective against harmful bacteria and mold, including, but not limited to, EColi, MRSA, and Salmonella.

This detectable and antibacterial stylus is available with clip or lanyard loop, and is available in BST Detectable blue and red. Suitable for most handheld touch screen devices.

Please Note* This stylus pen does not have ink, it is specifically designed for force touch screen devices and not capacitive devices e.g. smartphones. 

More Information
Product Code STYLUS
Pack Size 10
Weight (Kg) 0.080000
Food Contact FDA, EU
Delivery 2 - 3 Working Days
Brand BST
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Metal Detectable

A metal detectable product is made fully from detectable materials and has the potential to be detected on most industrial metal detection systems. These materials may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special ferromagnetic additives.

X-Ray Visible

An x-ray visible product is made fully from x-ray visible materials. These may be metallic or plastic/rubber with special high density additives.


An antibacterial product is made from plastic incorporating Steritouch® silver ion antimicrobial additives. This technology remains active for the entire lifespan of the product and protects against pathogenic germs and moulds such as E-Coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

Impact Resistant

An impact resistant product is made from a plastic or rubber that is designed not to shatter or snap. These materials make food production items safer and reduces the risk of that product / material becoming a foreign body contaminant.

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