About Us

Who are we?

BST Detectable Products were first founded in 1985 by former British Bakeries engineer, Brian S Teasdale. The company initially focused on providing engineering supplies to UK bakeries, before inventing the concept of metal detectable products and the world’s first detectable pen.

Today we supply a wide range of food grade detectable products to all corners of the globe and we’re still expanding. As of October 2023 we employ 23 people, produce around 1.8 million detectable pens per year, stock approximately 400 different detectable products and have a net turnover around £2.9 million GBP (2022).

Preventing foreign body contamination is at the frontline of food safety and detectable products manufactured by BST not only help towards this goal, but also comply with international regulations, and complement a company’s HACCP systems. 70% of our product range is produced within Great Britain and around 55% of our sales revenue is generated by exports to overseas distribution partners.

What makes us different?

Most importantly, we care. As the original developers of detectable products and materials, we do not like to see low quality or dangerous products on the market place. As such we undertake huge research and testing with every new product development to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

We work closely with leading metal detector and x-ray system manufacturers to test our products performance, document the results, advise our clients and also find ways to improve our materials. As a small and family owned company, we pride ourselves on integrity, sustainability and excellence in everything we endeavour to achieve.

What do our customers say?

“The tags are developed to be strong and durable, which has been proven throughout our factory. The line colours are an imperative part of our day to day running, allowing us to successfully and effectively manage allergens and species across site. BST are committed to manufacturing products that work for you, and provide excellent customer service whilst doing so.”

Anonymous – FoodPro Manufacturing Ltd

“Whilst looking to advance the standard of equipment set-up within our blending lines; there was the aim to seek out an improved discharge sock design that was both food grade & metal detectable; but also had the physical characteristics required to adapt to the nature of our process. Although a challenge, I had worked with Joe Armstrong-Gore, & the team earlier in the year (to introduce their standard equipment lines into the factory), so had high hopes of a positive outcome. As with previous enquiries, the level of service was one of the best I have experienced; from regular progress updates & trial samples, through to final product receipt. We now have a product which can be standardised into the business operation, whilst giving the assurance of improved product integrity and performance."

Shaun Clegg, Quality Manager, Richard Whittaker Limited

“We have been using BST metal detectable products and the P950 pens for a while now, we have tried other metal detectable pens on the market and have found that yours best suit our requirements. Delivery times and cost are also an important factor in choosing this product and the sales team are very helpful.”

What do we do?

We specialise in metal detectable, x-ray visible, shatter resistant and antibacterial food safe products, that are utilised across all food sectors including bakery, confectionery, meat, fish, fruit, vegetable and pre-prepared meals.

Many of our best selling products are of our own design and are produced locally using our own injection moulds/tools. Other detectable products we distribute on behalf of other companies that are specialists in specific areas, such as PPE, safety knives and food grade lubrication. We keep granular compounds and sheet detectable plastic and rubber materials in stock, ready to be sent to any of our manufacturing partners for stock production or bespoke projects.

On a daily basis, we are manufacturing detectable products, developing new products with our partners, building new business relationships and also trying to educate the world about the benefits of using detectable products and materials within food production environments. We have seven members of staff dedicated to Detectapen® assembly, which is a major part of our operations at our premises in Doncaster.

BST Dectable Distribution Centre
BST Dectable packing and warehouse

Caron Delgaty, Chaucer Bread Products

“This is the first time I have ordered from and worked with BST and I have to say that the service received was fantastic from initial enquiry right through to ordering and receiving the products. I was incredibly impressed with how helpful and friendly all the staff were as well as how much work and effort they put in to get the products to me on schedule given the very tight turnaround time. I worked with both Will Anderson and Annicka Webb who I would not hesitate in recommending as they couldn’t do enough for me. The metal detectable pens we ordered were of great quality and a big hit with all our customers. Thank you all the team at BST and we look forward to working with you again very soon.”

Jennifer Joubert, Sales Admin Manager, Metal Detection Services LTD

“While selecting the best quality tools for our machinery’s tool kits we had the idea to apply metal & x-ray detectable items to our range to optimise end product safety. BST were an easy choice of partner, as we share a focus on both quality and innovation, which are pre-requisites in the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Environment in which we operate. Their energy and expertise continues to assist us in ground breaking new innovations relating to our niche working environment.”

Gareth Gregg, Manager, PTK-GB