We understand what it means to have a global reach. We offer a wide array of products through multiple distribution outlets around the world. Working closely with our distribution partners we can identify product improvements and develop engineering solutions to constantly improve our product range and service. BST official distributors have exclusive rights for the sale of all our products in their country.

If you are looking to purchase our products from outside of the UK mainland, please contact the BST distribution partner covering your area. The map below shows our current network of official BST distributors, we are still looking for distributors to service some regions. If your company is interested in becoming an official BST distributor, please contact us to discuss distribution opportunities.

Africa (South)
Company: Technivative
Email: sales@technivative.co.za
Phone: 0027 (0)82 825 0502
Web: www.technivative.co.za
Service Areas:
South Africa

Africa (West)
Company: Sareks Apt (GH) Ltd
Email: saraksinternational@gmail.com
Phone: 00233 5555 00159
Web: www.sareksapt.com
Service Areas:
West Africa

Company: Detectapro
Email: info@detectapro.com
Phone: 0018 664 415 572
Web: www.detectapro.com
Service Areas:
Canada, USA, South America

Company: WRD Wells
Email: sales@wrdwells.com
Phone: 0061 3 9699 8999
Web: www.wrdwells.com
Service Areas:
Australia, Fiji, Papau New Guinea

Company: Mercury Ind. E Com Ltd
Email: sales@correiasmercury.com.br
Phone: 0055 19 3303 0000
Web: www.correiasmercury.com.br
Service Areas:

Company: Matrix Automation MK
Email: info@matrixautomationmk.com
Phone: 0035 722 610 074
Web: www.matrixautomationmk.com
Service Areas:

Czech Republic
Company: Qualifood s.r.o
Email: info@qualifood.cz
Phone: 420 583 283 459
Web: www.qualifood.cz
Service Areas:
Czech Republic

Company: Multicheck DK
Email: salg@multicheck.dk
Phone: 0045 7560 2222
Web: www.multicheck.dk
Service Areas:
Denmark, Norway

Company: LLC Laboratoriya ERP
Email: sale@gmp-lab.ru
Phone: 0074 951 354 475
Web: www.gmp-lab.ru
Service Areas:
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Company: Actiwork
Email: fd@actiwork.fr
Phone: 0033 472 015 060
Web: www.actiwork.fr
Service Areas:

Company: Niebling Technical Brushes
Email: info@niebling.com
Phone: 0049 984 398 9418
Web: www.niebling.com
Service Areas:
Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Japan

Company: Contaminant Control
Email: david@contaminant-control.com
Phone: 0035 387 259 1488
Web: www.contaminant-control.com
Service Areas:
Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland

Company: Wirfly
Email: info@wirfly.com
Phone: 0039 044 472 9227
Web: www.wirfly.com
Service Areas:

Company: Groveko BV
Email: info@groveko.nl
Phone: 0031 318 632 185
Web: www.groveko.nl
Service Areas:
The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

New Zealand
Company: Wells Hygiene
Email: admin@wellshygiene.co.nz
Phone: 0064 9 263 9332
Web: www.wellshygiene.co.nz
Service Areas:
New Zealand

Company: BFF
Email: mk@wykrywalne.com
Phone: 0045 7560 2222
Web: www.wykrywalne.com
Service Areas:

Company: TECH - B.M. s.r.o
Email: obchod@techbm.sk
Phone: 00421 915 662 122
Web: www.techbm.sk
Service Areas:

Company: Maya Professional Tools
Email: info@grupomaya.com.es
Phone: 0034 962 389 059
Web: www.grupomaya.com.es
Service Areas:
Spain, Portugal

Company: Multicheck SE
Email: salg@multicheck.se
Phone: 0046 070 295 3303
Web: www.multicheck.se
Service Areas:
Sweden, Finland

Company: Kayra Kimya
Email: kayra@kayrakimya.com
Phone: 0090 216 459 7610
Web: www.kayrakimya.com
Service Areas: