Our Team

Our dedicated team of 26 currently consists of the following 14 office staff, as well as our warehouse manager, three stores-men, a warehouse assistant, six assemblers, and one support staff. Our team is constantly growing as our business evolves and we’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our small, multi-skilled, and close knit platoon. Every member of our team is important, but as a customer you’re most likely to speak to the following people.


John Teasdale
Managing Director

John has worked for the company since 1988 and became Managing Director when his father Brian S Teasdale retired in 2002. John oversaw a major rebrand of the company and has been the cornerstone of our strong and sustained growth, enabling BST to move to our modern premises in 2009 and continuing the expansion of the business and our range of high-quality detectable products.

Fun fact: Having worked for the company for three decades, John still does not know the location of the company kettle.


Carol Thomas
Operations Manager

Extension 0237 | [email protected]

Carol works closely with the MD to determine the strategic direction of the company. She is responsible for recruitment, health and safety, systems and procedures, ensuring quality of service and continuous improvement.

Fun fact: Carol once accidentally trapped her thumb in the boot of her car (which locks automatically) leaving her stranded in the car park.


Kylie Teasdale
Finance Manager

Extension 0241 | [email protected]

Kylie monitors the day-to-day financial operations within the company, such as payroll, invoicing, and many other transactions. She is responsible for the financial health of the company.

Fun fact: Kylie once had to leave work early to carry out mouth to mouth resuscitation on her fish.


Annicka Webb
Marketing Manager

Extension 0224 | [email protected]

Annicka is our in house graphic design, printing and marketing expert. Annicka manages our ecommerce website, email marketing, social media pages, magazine advertising, brochure and exhibition designs. She is also involved in bespoke projects for customers such as our Detectapen® printing service, bespoke tag, tape and sticker printing, as well as vacuum depanner belting for bakery clients.

Fun fact: Annicka has an unfounded and irrational hatred of justified text and things that aren't symmetrical.


Katie Fedun
Business Development Manager

Extension 0243 | [email protected]

Katie implements sales strategies and oversees the sales department. She is available to contact for general discussions, marketing materials, and any guidance you may require.

Fun fact: Katie’s hard work is 100% fuelled by the consumption of chocolate, for best results it must be a Wispa.


Jenny Wilson
Business Development Executive

Extension 0220 | [email protected]

Jenny joined BST in 2019 with a strong background in the Food Industry and Sales environment. She provides a professional, knowledgeable and friendly service to our UK Customers along with no obligation site visits to present and demonstrate our product range. Our Sales team constantly aim to ‘go the extra mile’ to exceed the customer’s expectations and make BST the company they turn to for all their Detectable Product needs.

Fun fact: Jenny will always do anything for anyone…except when she’s on a sun lounger, she isn’t going anywhere then!

Saleeha 2024

Saleeha Zafar
Business Development Executive

Extension 0229 | [email protected]

Saleeha is responsible for growing and maintaining our customer network which includes forming long lasting business relationships by providing excellent customer service. Our Sales Team constantly aim to ‘go the extra mile’ to exceed the customer’s expectations and make BST the company they turn to for all their Detectable Product needs.

Fun fact: We have to keep an eye on Saleeha when she leaves the building, she's got a reputation for accidentally hopping into the wrong car.


Ginette Hatton
Procurement Officer

Extension 0231 | [email protected]

Ginette began working at BST in 2018, originally as part of the operations team. Since then, she has developed into the role of Procurement Officer. Ginette’s responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining stock levels, handling purchasing, and dealing with product issues.

Fun fact: Ginette’s dream is to swim with dolphins, she even has one tattooed on her arm!


Michelle Johnson
Sales & Purchasing Administrator

Extension 0221 | [email protected]

Michelle is one of our longest serving members of staff and enjoys great working relationships with many of our top clients. Michelle is responsible for purchasing stock of parts and materials as well as processing sales orders from our global client base. Michelle’s vast experience helps ensure that orders progress smoothly and customers are always kept up to date. Michelle and Leigh work closely with our couriers to arrange overseas exports and communicate updates to our clients.

Fun fact: You know when Michelle has arrived at BST as you can always hear her infectious laugh from the car park!


Oliver Breedon
Product Development Executive

Extension 0228 | [email protected]

Ollie is a key part of our Product Development Team, involved in the provision of bespoke solutions for our clients to solve specific on-site problems. He is responsible for driving the discovery of new product opportunities and improving existing designs through research of new technology, legislation, and market demand as well as looking after a number of key supplier accounts.

Fun fact: Ollie is very tenacious, even in leisure. He has had the same rugby injury, not once not twice but three times already and he hasn’t given in yet!.

Laigh 2024

Leigh Fletcher
Product Development Co-ordinator

Extension 0222 | [email protected]

Leigh originally worked in our DetectaPen® Assembly Team before progressing to sales administration and then into the Product Development Team. She now develops and co-ordinates bespoke solutions for our clients to solve specific on-site problems including, but not limited to, Depanner Belts, Printed Pens, and Printed Loop Tags. Leigh is also involved in the research, testing, and development of new products and provides a professional and friendly service for all product related enquiries.

Fun fact: With two kids under 4, the office feels like a second home to Leigh – just with taller kids and more caffeine, but probably the same amount of crying.


Becky Thomas

Extension 0225 | [email protected]

Rebecca joined the Marketing Team in 2020 after previously providing cover in the Accounts department. Rebecca plans, writes, and uploads social media posts and constructs editorial texts for publications. She is also the Management Representative for our ISO 9001 Quality Management System ensuring all procedures are current, correct, and fully documented.

Fun fact: Rebecca is so focused, she won’t let anything distrac --- oh look! Puppies!

Nina 2024

Nina Ivanova
Import/Export Co-ordinator

Extension 0237 | [email protected]

Nina is our Import and Export Coordinator; she is responsible for monitoring import and export shipments and maintains all associated information on our systems. She collects and files shipment declarations and documentations as well as managing any customs disputes by communicating with customers and couriers.

Fun fact: As a first-time dog owner, Nina’s world suddenly revolves around a pint-sized ruler with a wagging tail and a habit for treating shoelaces like spaghetti.