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Asset tag holders are used to clearly display important safety and inspection information on assets such as plant machinery, ladders, racking, forklifts, hand held tools etc. In food production environments it’s possible that asset tags holders can be accidentally knocked off machinery and end up as foreign bodies within the food product. For this reason it’s important to use detectable asset tag holders in food production environments. Our asset tag holders are made from our impact resistant xdetect® material, which is both metal detectable and x-ray visible. We also supply a wide range of writable inserts to be used with our detectable holders, as well as detectable fine tip permanent marker pens.

Detectable asset tag holders should be permanently fixed to the equipment in a suitable, safe place, easy to access and update the appropriate safety information as required. All our detectable asset tag holders feature screw fixing holes or can be secured using appropriate adhesive where necessary.

Asset Tags

Asset Tags

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BST have 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic components. Examples of bespoke projects include rubber seals, gaskets and extrusions, as well as pre-loaded vacuum bread depanner belts featuring metal detectable suction cups and retaining clips.

With a wide selection of food grade detectable raw materials to choose from, a solution to your problem is never far away.

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BST Detectable Products reduce the risk of foreign body contamination in hygiene critical environments, such as food and drink, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plants.

Preventing foreign body contamination is at the frontline of food safety and detectable products manufactured by BST not only help toward this goal but also comply with international regulations and complement a company's HACCP systems.

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