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Detectable Nitrile Gloves

Depanner Belt Specification

Depanner Belt Leaflet

RJT O-Ring Gaskets

Shadow Boards

Broom Head

Cutter Brush

Pastry Brush

Tube Brush

Churn Brush

Utility Brush

Banister Brush

Cutter Brush

BST Whiteboard Eraser

Detectable Neoprene Coated Fabric

Detectable Neoprene Fabric

BST Jumbo Pallet Marker

BST Detectable Marker Pen Holder

X-Ray Detectable Plasters

Aburnet Hairnet

Aburnet Kleencap Haircover

Cut Resistant Gloves

BST Detecta UV Marker

BST DetectaLite Highlighter Marker

BST P950

BST Loop Tag Dispensers

Detectable Beard Snood

BST DetectaMark Meat Marker

Universal Stirrer

BST Storage Trays

BST DetectaWipe Marker

BST DetectaMark Permanent Marker

BST Stainless Steel Rigid Palm Scraper

BST Stainless Steel Flexi Palm Scraper

Hand Scrapers

BST Hairnet

Antibacterial Keyboard

BST Antibacterial Clipboard

Antibacterial Mouse

Silicone Sheeting

Neoprene Rubber Sheeting

BST Whiteboard Cleaning Spray

BST Suction Cups

BST Mini Spatula

BST Sampling Spoon

BST Shovel Range

Flexible Palm Scrapers

BST Stainless Steel Hand Scraper

Stackable Hand Scoop - 1000g

Stackable Hand Scoop - 750g

Stackable Hand Scoop - 500g

Stackable Hand Scoop - 175g

BST Measuring Scoop

BST Lightweight Hand Scoop

BST Kitchen Scissors

Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors

BST Retaining Clips

BST Detectable Glasses Cord


Stab Protection Glove

Detectable TPU Apron

Large Detectable Paddle

Hand Paddle

Detectable TPU Oversleeves

BST Detectable Mallets

LPS Trigger Sprayer

LPS Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant

LPS Sugar Dissolving Fluid

LPS Foodlube Penetrating Oil

LPS Food Grade Silicone Lubricant

LPS Food Grade Machine Oil

LPS Food Grade Chain Lubricant

LPS K2 Electronic Cleaner

LPS Clear Penetrating Grease

LPS Belt Dressing

Smartcut Safety Knife

BST Pocket Knife

Cenon Safety Knife

Dispo Lite Safety Knife

Swan Bag Cutter Safety Knife

Penguin 1000 Safety Knife

Penguin 900 Safety Knife

Penguin 400 Safety Knife

Fish 2000 Safety Knife

Fish 600 Safety Knife

Combi Safety Knife

Fish 200 Safety Knfe

Shark Safety Knife

GR8 Safety Knife

Boxer Safety Knife

ReAkta Safety Knife

Profi Safety Knife

Triac Safety Knife

Mascaret Safety Knife

Stackable Jug Scoop

Stackable Pouring Jug

BST 1L Jugs

KleenCap Hair Cover

Vinyl Gloves

BST Detectable Plasters

BST Disposable Earplugs

BST Silicone Earplugs

BST Utility Guard

BST Glove Guard

BST Chopping Board

BST Cable Tie Tensioner

BST Cable Tie Mounts

BST Security Tags

BST Cable Ties

BST 15L Bucket

Brushes Range

BST Handy Box

BST Detectable Beard Net

Aburnet Beard Snood

WeLoc Bag Gripper

BST Detectable Silicone Lanyard

BST Drinking Mug

BST Detectable Cloth

BST Ergo Grip

BST Bag Sealer

BST Detectable Tape

BST Stainless Steel Lanyard

BST Heavy Weight Mallet

BST ID Badge Holder

BST Desktop calculator

BST Stapleless Stapler

BST DetectaBoard

BST Pocket Calculator

BST Eco Pen

BST F700 Felt Tip

BST L550 Fineliner

BST Touchscreen Stylus Pen

BST Metal Detectable Loop Tags

BST Detectable Catering Knives

WeLoc Bag Clip

BST XDetect® Tie ID Tag

BST Shark Safety Knife

BST J850 Gel Detectablepen®

BST J800 Detectapen®

Detectable HiCare Hairnet

BST Detectabox®

BST Detecta-Mark Fine Tip

BST Detectable Measuring Jug

Metal Detectable Bowl Scoop

BST Detectable Beard Snood

BST 15L Detectable Mop Bucket

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BST have 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic components. Examples of bespoke projects include rubber seals, gaskets and extrusions, as well as pre-loaded vacuum bread depanner belts featuring metal detectable suction cups and retaining clips.

With a wide selection of food grade detectable raw materials to choose from, a solution to your problem is never far away.

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BST Detectable Products reduce the risk of foreign body contamination in hygiene critical environments, such as food and drink, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plants.

Preventing foreign body contamination is at the frontline of food safety and detectable products manufactured by BST not only help toward this goal but also comply with international regulations and complement a company's HACCP systems.

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