BST Detectable Products reduce the risk of contamination in hygiene critical environments such as food processing, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plants. Preventing contamination is at the frontline of food safety and BST Detectable Products not only complement a company's HACCP systems but are vital in demonstrating all due diligence.

BST recognise that all manufacturing processes have a direct effect on the environment and that energy use from UK businesses contribute significantly to greenhouse gases and consequently, to climate change.

For our part, the aim is to reduce the impact of our products and services on the environment through a policy based upon education, self-regulation and continuous environmental improvement while using resources more efficiently in order to conserve energy. Waste is monitored at every stage of the supply chain in order to prevent occurrence or reduce to the lowest possible levels.

Consumable items are recycled including cardboards, papers, plastics and print cartridges resulting in less waste going to landfill. Incoming packaging is recycled while wooden pallets and containers are returned to suppliers on a continuous return policy. Only contractors licensed in accordance with the latest environmental regulations remove our waste products from site.

BST understand the increasing concern for the environment amongst our customers and are committed to focus on that which our customers care about. While our products have been specifically developed in response to customers needs, they have also been engineered to offer durability. Durability is a key aspect of sustainable design as the longer a product lasts the less energy and raw material is needed to produce a replacement.

While the primary requirements of our products are to perform a specific function, be safe to use, hygienic and reduce the risk of contamination, this is often achieved by sealing components so that there are no removable parts. This may often require the product to be disposable but quality materials are used to optimise product life and alternative product options are available where the critical benefits of our products can be maintained.

BST also utilise the minimum amount of packaging, whilst maintaining the required amount of protection for our products in transit so that customers are supplied with a quality product, developed in response to the market's complete needs.

John S Teasdale
Managing Director