Introducing the new detectable squeegee and stainless steel handle to our ever growing range of products.

The floor squeegee is manufactured from a metal and x-ray detectable polypropylene and is equipped with a 600mm single thermoplastic rubber blade. It is seamless, one-piece, very easily cleaned, light, very durable and wonderfully effective. The squeegee is designed for use within high care or hygiene sensitive environments such as food manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceuticals, providing an effective piece of cleaning equipment. They are ideal for handling the clean-up of water, condensation and other liquids from floors, walls and ceilings. The rubber in these squeegees are a special oil resistant formula, however if oil is likely to be in contact with the squeegee regularly, the user should do tests beforehand to make sure the squeegee performs to expectations.

The 304 stainless steel handle has a blue hanging grip and is moulded from metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic. While this stainless steel handle is heavier than standard ones, they are also much stronger. Stainless steel handles are typically used in highly corrosive environments, where there is a requirement for their strength, where the handle is likely to come into direct contact with food, or where an aluminium or plastic pole is likely to be scraped on stainless steel edges.