1. Why Depanner Belt Prices Vary

    Why Depanner Belt Prices Vary
    BST have supplied vacuum depanner belts since 1985 and have been asked on numerous occasions why it is that we don’t have these items available to be purchased online. The answer is that 1. Depanner belts are bespoke items made to exact specifications, so we require more communication to ensure the customer receives the perfect Read More
  2. Depanner Belt Specification

  3. Depanner Belt Leaflet

  4. Environmental Policy

    Environmental Policy
    BST Detectable Products take our Environmental Policy very seriously. It is important to us to be as ecological as possible, whilst still providing customers with quality products that fulfil their needs. Fortunately, one of BST’s primary objectives when designing and developing a product is durability. When a product is reliable and durable, it lasts longer, Read More
  5. Metal Detectable v's X-Ray Detectable

    Metal Detectable v's X-Ray Detectable
    The basic principles of metal detection and x-ray inspection are relatively straight forward. In understanding how each system operates we can achieve a greater understanding of how using detectable products can be beneficial. There are three main groups of metallic contaminants that can be picked up by a metal detector. Ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel. Read More
  6. BST Sports Day!

    BST Sports Day!
    As school’s sports days kick off all over the country, we at BST thought it would be a fun team building exercise to use some of our own products and create ourselves our own little BST Sports Day!   You can check out all of the pictures and footage on our social media channels but for Read More
  7. RJT O-Ring Gaskets

  8. What Plastic Do I Need?

    What Plastic Do I Need?
    There are a multitude of different plastics available with different features suited to different applications. It comes to a point where choosing the right one for a given project can be overwhelming, especially for those with limited knowledge or experience in the matter. Each material has trade-offs when it comes to cost, strength, flexibility, and Read More
  9. Shadow Boards

  10. Launching The New Black Highlighter

      April fools from all of us here at BST! We do hope you're not too upset but the 'Black Highlighters' are not for sale. However, we do have them available in blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and also in multi packs and can be found here. Have a great day from all the team at Read More

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BST have 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic components. Examples of bespoke projects include rubber seals, gaskets and extrusions, as well as pre-loaded vacuum bread depanner belts featuring metal detectable suction cups and retaining clips.

With a wide selection of food grade detectable raw materials to choose from, a solution to your problem is never far away.

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BST Detectable Products reduce the risk of foreign body contamination in hygiene critical environments, such as food and drink, pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plants.

Preventing foreign body contamination is at the frontline of food safety and detectable products manufactured by BST not only help toward this goal but also comply with international regulations and complement a company's HACCP systems.

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