BST add the deluxe L550 Fineliner to our range of detectable food safe pens! The L550 is assembled right here at our Doncaster UK HQ, made from our own X-DETECT compound.

The L550 Fineliner is fully metal detectable, x-ray visible, non-toxic, food safe, and features antimicrobial technology to contribute to infection control and reduce cross contamination. The L550 body is based on our tried and tested J800 design, featuring a high quality Fineliner nib, available in blue or black ink with the secure cartridge casing made from high quality metal.

The L550 Fineliner is non retractable and comes with a XDETECT lid to prevent the nib from drying out, when not in use the lid securely attaches to the top of the pen. The L550 is the ultimate deluxe pen for production areas, dual detectable, antimicrobial, non-toxic and food safe.

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