BST have become one of the first businesses to move into the brand new Sky Business Park, adjacent to the UK’s newest international airport – Robin Hood Doncaster International Airport. The new premises boasts 650 square feet of floor space, which has been further expanded to provide more first floor office & storage space.

BST were awarded with a Barclays Business Grant as a contribution to the purchase of the brand new premises, which will provide the much-needed space for the company to grow and take on more staff. The new multifunctional premise features a larger assembly area, a larger warehouse, distribution office and a two-storey office block to facilitate the management and accounting departments.

The new office area features a conference room, executive offices, ground level foyer and a glass elevator for wheelchair access to the first floor. This new modern environment will provide BST with the facilities to invite customers for meetings and visits. The new warehouse area features new racking, storage bays, packaging workbenches, assembly room, a secure archive room, and the vertical space for further expansion.

As BST continues to expand and grow, our new premise will give us the space we need to employ more staff, assemble, and stock more of our ever-growing product range.