As the original pioneers of metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic materials, BST are a very proud British manufacturer and exporter.

70% of the BST product range is manufactured in Great Britain, where BST utilise local manufacturing partnerships and in house assembly to deliver products of market leading quality.

BST are a long term supporter of the “Made in Britain” campaign and its marque, which aim to promote British manufacturing both in the UK and abroad. Recent changes to the BST website mean that customers can clearly see when a product is made in the UK by seeing the MIB marque. The MIB marque is proudly on display in the new BST brochure and managers proudly wear MIB badge pins when meeting with our global distribution partners.

The “Made in Britain” marque adds value to BST’s products as symbol of quality, whilst also contributing a small celebration of the true Britishness of the products and company.