As school’s sports days kick off all over the country, we at BST thought it would be a fun team building exercise to use some of our own products and create ourselves our own little BST Sports Day!

You can check out all of the pictures and footage on our social media channels but for now, here's a small snippet to give you all a smile! >>


We embraced some healthy competition and a good amount of team work as we kicked off our first event, the classic Egg and Spoon Race featuring the BST Detectable Sampling Spoon. (view post here)


Our detectable sampling spoon is food safe and non-toxic, ideal for sampling liquids as well as smaller piece solids (like tiny eggs!). 


Next up, the teams tackled the Shot Put Throw featuring the BST Detectable Suction Cups and Storage Trays. (view post here)


BST detectable storage trays are manufactured using xdetect®, BST's flagship and industry renowned metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic. This plastic is designed entirely with food safety in mind. On a normal day, our BST suction cups, with their metal detectable properties and extensive food contact approvals, are used as a fast and effective method of extracting bakery products from oven pans on a moving conveyor belt. 


The competition heated up as each team took on the ‘Beanbag’ Balance featuring the BST Detectable Jugs. (view post here)


Our range of detectable jugs come in a variety of sizes from 500ml to 2L. Whether you’re scooping, pouring, measuring, or balancing, we will certainly have a jug to suit your needs.


Finally, our competitors worked together to dominate the Three-Legged Race featuring the BST Detectable Cable Tie. (view post here)


Our metal detectable cable ties are strong, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. Cable ties are handy, convenient, cost effective, strong, and can be used in a multitude of applications (although we wouldn’t recommend using them for a three-legged race). 


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