1. BST Detectable Nitrile Gloves

    BST Detectable Nitrile Gloves
    Introducing Innovative Nitrile Gloves: A Breakthrough for Safety and Comfort In a stride towards enhanced safety and user comfort, a groundbreaking line of nitrile gloves has emerged, setting new standards in the realm of personal protective equipment (PPE). Engineered with precision and care, these gloves offer a unique blend of qualities that cater to a Read More
  2. Guide to Detectable Products

    Guide to Detectable Products
    Detectable products are an integral part of food safety and HACCP procedures worldwide. As new regulations and legislations have highlighted the necessity for detectable, food safe products in the food industry, it is becoming more important than ever before to show due diligence in the prevention of plastic and rubber contamination. But how do you Read More
  3. Why Depanner Belt Prices Vary

    Why Depanner Belt Prices Vary
    BST have supplied vacuum depanner belts since 1985 and have been asked on numerous occasions why it is that we don’t have these items available to be purchased online. The answer is that 1. Depanner belts are bespoke items made to exact specifications, so we require more communication to ensure the customer receives the perfect Read More
  4. Metal Detectable v's X-Ray Detectable

    Metal Detectable v's X-Ray Detectable
    The basic principles of metal detection and x-ray inspection are relatively straight forward. In understanding how each system operates we can achieve a greater understanding of how using detectable products can be beneficial. There are three main groups of metallic contaminants that can be picked up by a metal detector. Ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel. Read More
  5. What Plastic Do I Need?

    What Plastic Do I Need?
    There are a multitude of different plastics available with different features suited to different applications. It comes to a point where choosing the right one for a given project can be overwhelming, especially for those with limited knowledge or experience in the matter. Each material has trade-offs when it comes to cost, strength, flexibility, and Read More
  6. Introducing the new Eco V2.0 & Trace-It Detectable Pens

    Introducing the new Eco V2.0 & Trace-It Detectable Pens
  7. Why Choose BST Detectable Products?

    Why Choose BST Detectable Products?
    Who Are BST? BST are the original pioneers of metal detectable plastics for the food industry. We were first established in 1985 by Brian S Teasdale, a former senior engineer at British Bakeries. Brian was the first engineer to address plastic contamination in food in this way, it is with great pride that his initials Read More
  8. The New BST Detectable Break Out Bolt!

    The New BST Detectable Break Out Bolt!
    Introducing the BST Detectable Break Out Bolt   These metal detectable & x-ray visible break out bolts are designed specifically for use in the food industry, where minimising the risk of foreign body contamination is of the highest priority. They are universal so they will fit any current panic bolt in place, they simply replace any ceramic Read More
  9. Why choose the BST DetectaPen®

    Why choose the BST DetectaPen®
    As the original detectable pen, the BST DetectaPen® range is the best choice for all your stationery needs. With a pen for every environment and condition, why go anywhere else? The DetectaPen® range features: •          A spring free mechanism with no detachable parts •          Antibacterial technology •          Human Engineering •          Shatter resistant bodies •          A range of bright coloured bodies •          Lanyard Read More

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