BST have supplied vacuum depanner belts since 1985 and have been asked on numerous occasions why it is that we don’t have these items available to be purchased online. The answer is that 1. Depanner belts are bespoke items made to exact specifications, so we require more communication to ensure the customer receives the perfect product. And 2. Depanner belt prices vary so much that it would be impossible to list all possibilities on our website.

Naturally, the follow up question to this is “Why are depanner belt prices so varied?”. Well, this is what we will be addressing to our best ability in this article.

The obvious factor affecting pricing would be the size of the product. It makes sense that a larger product would cost more than a smaller product due to the amount of material and time required to assemble. BST vacuum depanner belts are manufactured using food grade three ply fabric backing, with a white FDA food grade PVC coated front (bread facing side). Our belts are 5mm thick and joined with a superior finger over finger spliced bi-directional join. The belts can operate in temperatures up to 110°C, are long lasting, chemical resistant, strong, durable and can be designed to your exact size specifications down to 0.01mm.

From there, you can have the belt supplied blank (with the required holes) or fitted with our BST detectable retaining clips and suction cups. A larger belt does not always mean a greater number of cups and clips. A smaller belt could have a greater number of cups tightly condensed per row and therefore require a greater number, increasing the cost, just as a larger belt could have fewer cups per row, and so reducing the cost. Not only will the amount of cups and clips affect the cost, but so will the type of cups and clips chosen.

BST offer a range of detectable suction cups both hard and soft which vary in size and purpose. Should you require help selecting the ideal cup for your application, our team are always on hand to discuss your requirements and help provide the perfect detectable solution. This also applies to retaining clips as we offer both double and single hexagonal retaining clips fitted to our belts.

The final thing that affects the depanner belt cost is the additional features such as trackers. Some systems require a tracker fitted to the belt to ensure the smooth running of the depanning process. This again, is more material and time and therefore increases the cost of the overall belt.

So as you can see, there are simply too many variables which contribute to costs to be able to provide our depanner belts solely through our website. In the interest of providing each of our customers with the highest quality, perfect detectable solution, we feel it is necessary to have in-depth communication when planning a bespoke vacuum depanner belt.

If you have any questions about this or any other bespoke product from BST, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01302 775208 or email your enquiry to [email protected]. You can also click on the thumbnails above to read more about BST depanner belts and download specification documents.