BST Detectable Products take our Environmental Policy very seriously. It is important to us to be as ecological as possible, whilst still providing customers with quality products that fulfil their needs.

Fortunately, one of BST’s primary objectives when designing and developing a product is durability. When a product is reliable and durable, it lasts longer, and the longer a product lasts, the less often energy and raw materials are required to produce a replacement. Good for our customers, good for us, good for the environment.

During the manufacturing process it is important to monitor product waste such as offcuts of material and excess parts. We monitor our processes and improve them where possible to use resources efficiently to their full potential and limit waste. Through ongoing research and education as well as self-regulation, we are able to conserve energy and monitor every stage of the supply chain in order to reduce our negative impact on the environment to the lowest possible levels.

BST DetectaPen Recycle Box

The obvious environmentally friendly move is to reduce, reuse, and recycle and that’s exactly what BST does. We reduce their need for and use of ‘virgin’ materials when packing our products by reusing boxes and packaging that come in from suppliers. Why waste a perfectly good box? Even when reusing materials, we aim to keep packaging to a minimum while also ensuring that the products are sufficiently protected as to not become damaged in transit. We also encourage our customers to continue the good work by providing pen recycling boxes which they can fill with their empty pens and return to us. We will then recycle those into new pen bodies or grind them down and use the material to mould into a new product.

Any waste that we do create is taken away by licenced waste removers.

On top of all this, day to day office life at BST is also as environmentally friendly as possible with the use of energy efficient lighting and technology wherever possible and extensive research into which business vehicles will create the least impact on the environment.

In today’s world, going green is the only responsible option. After all, in destroying the planet we are only destroying ourselves.