A visit from the RAF Vulcan

Being based at an International Airport always has its perks for businesses, however one of the more exciting perks of being based at Robin Hood Doncaster International Airport is our famous neighbour, the RAF Vulcan XH558.

The Vulcan XH558 is the last flying Vulcan B2 bomber in the world, after they were decommissioned from the RAF in 1984. The Vulcan was a key part of the UK’s nuclear weapons capability during the Cold War (Armed with Blue Steel Nuclear Missiles), and was responsible for bombing the airfield runway of Port Stanley during the Falklands War.

‘Vulcan To The Sky’ is a publicly funded project based at Robin Hood Airport, who work hard keep this precious last Vulcan in tip top condition and flying in air displays. BST were fortunate to have a tour of this historic and majestic aircraft, with some pictures to show!

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