The BST DetectaBox® is the latest and greatest product innovation from BST Detectable Products. The BST DetectaBox® is designed to address the problem of box fragments contaminating food products. This problem can occur whenever a food storage or handling box is subject to move wear and tear than usual and it is at risk of breaking or chipping.

The DetectaBox® is manufacturing using XDETECT®, BST's flagship and industry renowned metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic. This plastic is designed entirely with food safety in mind. As well as being highly detectable it is also strong, hardwearing, brightly coloured, chemical resistant, shatter resistant, FDA approved and EU compliant.

This DetectaBox® is a standard Euro size of 600 x 400 x 220mm and available in blue only. The detectability performance of BST XDETECT® has been extensively tested by metal detector manufacturer Anritsu Industrial Solutions - with outstanding and well documented results.

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