Metal detectable labels and tags for the food industry have been around for a while, however always at a considerable price premium.

Detectable labels and tags work by having an aluminium foil core used to trigger a metal detector – it’s this foil core that adds the extra expense.

BST have been working hard with our manufacturing partner to find a more cost effective foil core that doesn’t sacrifice on detectability performance. We’re pleased to say that in 2016, we’ve cracked it! As such we’re now proud to offer a stocked range of pre-printed and blank loop tags and self-adhesive tapes, all with highly detectable properties at cost effective prices!


If you use any paper tags or tapes in your production process, why not take a safe leap and introduce BST’s metal detectable versions. This will reduce contamination risks, show due diligence and help your company comply with BRC guidelines.

If you’re needs cannot be met by our stocked range, then we can simply make a new solution to fit your requirements. BST even offer a free bespoke design and print service when ordering in bulk!

Food Processing Articles courtesy of  FP Food Processing