FoodPro Manufacturing Ltd, part of Browns food group, are a leading ready meal manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience and boast clients such as ASDA, Morrison’s, Iceland, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, NISA, P&H, Spar & Birdseye. Their range of products include frozen traditional, Indian, Italian and Chinese meals, as well as deserts. Their state of the art production facility in Wigan holds a Grade A BRC Global Standards Accreditation as well as numerous client approvals.

With a second to none approach to quality and consistency, their state of the art facility has implemented a strict colour scheme for each high risk production line. Brightly coloured PPE and metal detectable plastic ID tags form an essential part of the colour coordination scheme, so when their existing metal detectable tags started causing problems, BST were quick to step in and provide a smartly engineered alternative.

BST Detectable Products have 30 years’ experience in developing detectable items for food processing environments, and helped FoodPro by developing a new, high performing metal detectable plastic ID tag.

This proved to be an ideal application for BST XDETECT, which is an industry leading food safe polymer offering metal detectability, x-ray visibility, bright colours and jaw dropping shatter resistance. After confirming the suitability of the material, BST proposed a new design of ID tag for FoodPro to check that it met their requirements 100%. In this instance more notches were added to the side of the ID tag to allow for greater adjustabilty when securing to different sizes of asset.

Once the design was approved a new dual cavity injection mouding tool was made to allow for efficient production of the new tag in a range of colours.

All FoodPro production line assets (including buckets, monitors, scoops, trays, bins, machines) are now tagged in the appropriately coloured detectable tag to prevent cross-contamination from one line to another, as well as preventing foreign body contamination by the tag itself.

The pro-active and diligent approach to food safety and controling contamination risks shown by FoodPro Manufacturing sets a shining example to the industry. Don’t wait for an audit non-conformance to develop a solution for items that are high risk of causing contamination, pick up the phone and speak to BST Detectable Products – the industry’s most experienced supplier of high quality food safe detectable products.

FoodPro Manufacturing Ltd made the following statement about their experience with BST Detectable Products:

“The tags are developed to be strong and durable, which has been proven throughout our factory.  The line colours are an imperative part of our day to day running, allowing us to successfully and effectively manage allergens and species across site. BST are committed to manufacturing products that work for you, and provide excellent customer service whilst doing so.”